7th edition

Cybersecurity Guide for CFOs 2024

AI & financial risk: How finance leaders can prepare for a post-trust future. 

The rapid evolution of generative AI and its risk implications for CFOs

How will businesses fare now that AI is equipping cybercriminals with powerful capabilities and rearranging notions of evidence and truth?

Even before the introduction of sophisticated AI-generated synthetic media, finance teams were the most vulnerable to digital fraud attempts. To understand the top risks of 2024 and help CFOs prepare for a post-trust future, we've put together insights from AI, security and finance experts. 


have a dedicated cyber crime strategy


are concerned cybercrime is going undetected in their business


increase in reported business scams last year

What's in the guide

Artificial intelligence gives cybercriminals the power to fake anyone’s voice, face, emails, texts. How can you protect yourself (and your money) in a new era where nothing can be trusted?  

That’s the question we answer in 2024’s edition of the Cybersecurity Guide for CFOs. It explores: 

  • The new scams and attack tactics enabled by generative AI  
  • Why synthetic media heightens your financial risks and cyber vulnerabilities 
  • How generative AI works  
  • What you can do to protect your business in the uncharted terrain of AI